Drugs & Wires: Down In A Hole

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The year is 1995, and everything's gone wrong - especially for Dan, pissy misanthrope and recovering VR junkie, who's got a vicious worm in his headware and a dead-end delivery job on the wrong side of the old Iron Curtain.

Set in the crushingly bureaucratic and shamelessly dysfunctional Republic of Stradania, Drugs & Wires is one part slice-of-life, one part genre piss-take, several parts '90s nostalgia, and flat-out gratuitous amounts of magenta.

We call it "cyberpunk", but there's no sleek razorgirls or trenchcoat-clad hackermen with kung fu skills here - just one depressed addict and a merry cast of cybergopniks, babushkas, VR scenesters, robodogs, and vulture capitalists, plus one lovably unscrupulous street doc with a medical degree from the University of MS Paint.
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Drugs & Wires: Down in a Hole contains the first four chapters of our webcomic, retouched and relettered. For you, esteemed reader, that means over 100 pages of spills, chills, glitches, and most importantly, deep-seated existential crises.
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US Comic format, 136 pages (inc. cover)

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Ships from Ireland or Germany